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If you’ve found yourself getting bored with your hair this holiday season, it may be time for a change—and it’s the perfect time to try a short hairstyle. Most women wait until the heat of summer to chop off their hair, but you might be surprised by how much you’ll love having short hair in the fall and winter. It looks stylish all the time with very little effort, you’ll spend less time washing and drying it, and you’ll have a fun new look to debut at all of your upcoming holiday parties. Convinced yet? Here’s eight gorgeous short hairstyles to get your out of your comfort zone this fall and winter.

A close-cropped pixie.
This pixie cut has been iconic for years thanks to stars like Mia Farrow and Jean Seberg. It’s still a great choice today for several reasons: it works for all hair types, whether fine or wavy, it’s easy to wash and style quickly, and it showcases your lovely facial features. The only downside is that you’ll have to go in for regular trims to keep it at this length (every four to six weeks is best). That said, you’ll love being able to hop out of the shower, smooth some hair oil such as Hask Monoi Coconut Shine Oil (, through your short strands, and run out the door.

Baby bangs.
Despite the name, baby bangs are anything but childish. It takes a special woman to rock a set of ultra-short bangs, but it looks amazing when done right because it really makes your eyes stand out. The downsides for this style? It can take some upkeep to trim your bangs regularly and keep them even and flat. We recommend investing in some dry shampoo to keep them from getting too flat (read: greasy); we like Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo ($22, You’ll also want to take care to make sure your brows are always wonderfully groomed, since they’ll definitely have center stage. And if you decide baby bangs aren’t for you, it’s not hard to grow them out an inch or two to a normal length—so give it a try!

A curly pixie.
If anyone’s ever told you that you can’t have a pixie cut because your hair is too curly, don’t pay any attention. After all, curly pixies are adorable and completely doable. It might be a good idea to keep things shorter on the sides and back, and have the front and top sections of your hair longer—not only is it super-beautiful, it also means you can go a little longer between cuts. After washing your hair, scrunch mousse through your curls before letting your curls do their thing; a good choice is Kenra Professional Kurl Glaze Mousse 13 ($17,

A bowl cut.
You read that right: thanks to the likes of the bowl cut is officially back. Luckily it’s come a long way since you had the dreaded haircut in middle school—and can actually be very chic. Shoot for a slightly messier, uneven version for a tousled, rock star vibe. This style works best for girls with naturally straight hair, otherwise you’ll be forced to straighten your waves or curls every morning.

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