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Cute haircuts long hair

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All Down and Long or Pulled Up in a High Pony

Want to add even more length to your look? Pick up a few clip-in extensions from your local beauty supply store and pop them in for a style like Kim's. Or, slick your hair into a sleek high pony and wrap a sliver of hair around the base to conceal your hair tie, like Kourtney's.


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Sweep It Into a Side Ponytail

Beyoncé's now signature side ponytail makes a strong statement on the red carpet, and likewise, it will make you stand out anywhere you go. Keep the ponytail high and add some curl to the ends to give it even more attitude.

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Give It a Sleek and Subtle Side Part

For when you want to look chic, cop Shay Mitchell's look from a stop on her book tour. A polished side part with one side tucked behind the ear will make you look self-assured and put-together.

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Pull It Up Into a Messy High Pony

A high ponytail is all the rage right now, and Gigi Hadid gave it a cool-girl effect by keeping it messy on the ends and around her hairline. Use a texturizer to give your strands that "I'm not trying, but on purpose" vibe.

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Add a Layer of Bangs

The Duchess of Cambridge is better known for consistency than she is changeability, but even she gets tired of perfect long layers. Her fringe is on the long side — all the better if you think you'll want to transition quickly back into your mermaid waves.

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Pull It Back Into a Pretty Ponytail

Blake Lively looks like Princess Jasmine with her long, super cute pony. To get this look, wrap hair ties that match your hair color down the length of your ponytail. Then lightly pull the hair in the midsections out to get that fun, poofy effect.

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Try a Sleek and Polished Side Part

There's a reason Justin Bieber of Selena Gomez from the Vanity Fair Oscar after party on Instagram with the caption "Most elegant princess in the world." To get her gorgeous hairstyle, part it to the side and slick it back behind your ears.

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Go for Sexy Bed Head Curls

Chrissy Teigen achieved the ultimate hair goal: messy, effortless, and perfect all at the same time. After curling your hair into tight ringlets, spray a texturizing product all over and finger comb it through to get her messy look.

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