Blunt Haircuts With Bangs

Short blunt haircuts with bangs

cute short soft wavy bob haircut with blunt bangs

Short Bob with Full Bangs

Perhaps this is the most common cut along with other bob hairstyles with bangs. As you can notice, the trim of the bangs are symmetrical. It’s a full fringe, which works great for those with broader foreheads.

Dark Brown Bob with Short Full Bangs

Short hairstyle for round faces: The shorter bangs of this haircut will make you look intelligent and witty to a fault. Dark brown is a perfect color choice because it adds sensitivity and innocence. This look isn’t so easy to pull off for some, so make sure you’re committed to the look before you get it all chopped off.

Brown Ombre Bob with Bangs

Classic short bob hairstyle for women over 40: Light brown is a good color choice if you want an outdoor-type look – accent it further with an ombre. Since the sides of the hair are just few centimeters short of your chin, it fully highlights your face. The shape of the bangs also frames your face.

Wavy Blonde with Bangs

The waviness of this haircut is a good combination with the bangs. If you’re looking for a haircut that will make you feel confident and sassy, this style will fit your choice.

cute short brunette bob haircut with blunt bangs with glasses

Jet Black and Straight

Blunt lob hairstyle with blunt bangs: Jet black has always been a fine choice for most hairstyles. With this haircut, you’ll definitely look more mature and confident—as if you can carry yourself in any possible situation. If you go for this style, you need to use a flat iron to get your hair straight.

Chocolate Brown A-Line Bob with Bangs

Classic short bob hairstyles for women over 50: Another classy haircut choice, this style can raise your glamour level almost instantly. You can dazzle your friends with this haircut. Alternatively, if you hold a leadership position, this hairstyle will heighten your personal influence.

Stylishly Wavy Bangs

Bob hairstyles for 2016: If you make a list of interesting bob hairstyles with bangs, don’t forget to include this style! Everything in this haircut is stylish—the bangs, sides, and also the color combination. Frequent hair curling is needed so make sure you have heat protectant cream or spray.

Side-Swept Bangs with Volume

classic cute short blunt bob hairstyle with blunt bangs for thick hairSide-Swept bangs are also climbing in popularity because of their versatility. In this haircut, the additional curving ends give additional pizzazz to your appearance. The volume at the top elongates a round face and balances it out.

Purple Bob with Subtle Face Framing Bangs

Trendy bob hairstyle with bright color: Having purple as a color choice will emphasize rebelliousness, quirkiness, and esoteric flair. Observe the flowing effect of the bangs–it adds a sultry and mysterious feel! Taking care of this purple bob can take considerable amount of time.

Sleek Bowl Bob with Full Blunt Bangs

This is a tricky hairstyle to pull. First, you need to have a long face, so the haircut won’t look bulky from afar. Second, it’ll make you look a bit more mature. If the latter effect is the one that you’re trying to achieve, then this look is for you. It also is a power style, giving you an air of confidence.

Red Violet Bob with Wispy Bangs

Red Violet is a great choice if you want an artistic hairstyle. This is a great playful style that shows off your personality. The wispy bangs are not too strong or bold, making this look easier to pull off.

soft wavy bob hairstyle with straight bangs

Big Messy Waves

Messy bob hairstyle with bangs for summer: Out of the many messy bob hairstyles with bangs, this haircut is perfect for you – especially if you have thin hair. The black and brown combinations also achieve a classy style that exudes elegance.

Sleek Straight Bangs with Messy Waves

With this haircut, you can look more youthful than ever. The full bangs are sleek and straight, while the sides are wavy and slightly messy. Keep your best smile ready once you choose this style – plus it’s great for a party!

Teal Inverted Bob with Full Bangs

Teal is an interesting color that you can try. In this inverted bob, you will definitely be able to show your personality. This is perfect if you want to show your artistic side – or just want to explore some more options with your hair.

Layered Volumized Bob With Side Bangs

The strongest point of this haircut is the feathery effect, and the volume. This look is great if you want to look more sophisticated. The side bangs can be curled or left as is, as in the photo below.

Full Bangs in Platinum Blonde

With the full side layered right, this hairstyle will give you a sexy and rebellious look. Additionally, the platinum blonde color is perfect if you want a change from dull, boring dark colors. You may need hair creams and dry shampoo to maintain this hairstyle correctly.

Dark Brown and Flowing with Blond Tips

The haircut is perfect for social functions and occasional parties. The bangs are also trimmed well to emphasize the shape of your face. However the bangs are not blunt, giving this a softer look.

short straight blunt black bob haircut with blunt bangs classic short brunette blunt bob haircut with blunt bangs for women over 50 cute short messy bob hairstyle with bangs short bob haircut with side swept bangs for oval face shapes

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