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"Bobs are a super-fresh way to switch up your style for spring because not only do you get rid of the dry ends from winter, going for a blunt cut also makes your hair appear instantly thicker and fuller, " Marjan explains. Plus, strands chopped this short look chic stick-straight or textured, like Lucy Hale's.

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2 A Chic Bob

3 Super-Long, Super-Sleek Strands

Insanely long hair that's really shiny — whether you can grow it naturally or need some help with extensions — is really in at the moment. Want hair like Kim Kardashian's? Marjan suggests popping biotin supplements (check with your doc before taking them though!), like Olly Undeniable Beauty for Hair, Skin, and Nails, to help jump-start growth and increase shine.

4 Super-Long, Super-Sleek Strands

Here, Ariana Grande flaunts another way to wear ultra-long hair: up in her signature high pony.

5 Naturally Gorgeous Texture

Part of embracing your individuality means embracing your natural texture — regardless of whether it's straight, curly, wavy, or tightly coiled — like Victoria's Secret model Cindy Bruna's doing here. "It's all about using the right products to enhance your texture rather than fighting it, " she says.

6 Naturally Gorgeous Texture

Alicia Keys showing off her makeup-free, flawless skin and chic, curly updo.

7 Badass Buzz Cuts

"Everywhere I look, I see women with buzz cuts, " Marjan says. "I love that people feel empowered to wear such a bold look that requires such confidence. I think everyone should do it once, it's liberating!" Here, Maria Borges slays in her super-short style.

8 Badass Buzz Cuts

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