Poseur or The Real Thing ?

Really short bob haircuts

2016 American Music AwardsThere's a reason Selena Gomez is a Pantene spokeswoman. No matter what she does with her hair—adds extensions, gets bangs, goes blonder, takes out said extensions/gets a trim—she makes us want what she's having. Such is the case with her latest look.

Earlier this morning, the 24-year-old singer posted a new photo on Instagram, and in it, her hair is short. Mind you, short for her. But short nonetheless. She chopped off her just-past-the-shoulders lob for a proper bob: a shorter, edgier cut that hits right at her chin.

The photos look as though they were taken immediately after she got her hair cut. In them, Gomez shows off her angles, hair still wet, and she's wearing a white bathrobe pulled off her neck and shoulders. Also, she's makeup-free. She didn't write anything in the comments, so really we're left with more questions than answers: What was her inspiration? Whose stroke of genius was behind the sharp shears? (Our best guess would be her go-to stylist Marissa Marino, who was responsible for her last big change.) When will we be able to see this great new cut in action? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Sel's been progressively going shorter over the past few months. She originally took off most of her length back in December, and then in January she went a teeny bit shorter, so it's possible this cut could continue to be a stepping stone to something even more cropped. Gotta admit: We'd love to see a pixie cut in a mainstream shampoo ad. (And on Selena.)

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