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When a photo is a real masterpiece

The art of photography is a deep reflection of our reality, sometimes causing unknown sensations. It inspires people with some kind of special vigour and leaves no one indifferent. Vivacious images, deep content — it all comes together in an instant under the eye of the camera. Photography skills are one of the few businesses that include a diversity of images to a narration of the story in one shot.

Where would modern commercial be nowadays if there were no promotional art photographers in the world, who are searching for new means of expression every day, trying to astonish everyone: clients and agencies, and - most importantly - the audience.

The term "photographer" is almost always associated with fine pictures and good quality of them, but people do not reflect about different details such as brightness, trick of the light, and high production values. Dubai Beauty & Fashion photographer Toufic Araman does pay attention to those important aspects of his work.

If somebody wants to have splendid photos and make everyone marvel them, he or she should consult Dubai fashion photographer Araman, who pays attention to every single detail.People almost every time unite the conception of photographer only with high quality of pictures and do not reflect about various details such as comfort for models, artfulness, subtlety and high production values. But Araman is able to combine all these aspects in his creatures.

He graduated from the International Center of Photography and the School of Visual Arts. After that he began to work in Dubai and New York. Araman is known in these superb cities as professional beauty & fashion photographer. He can create a unique mixture of elegance, passion and superlative beauty. Every picture is enriched with consummate professionalism and inimitable style.

They amaze the onlooker with incredible trick of the light and brightness. Being an artist at heart, he creates his masterpieces, playing with colors and light, embodying the most incredible fantasies of the customers in the picture as on the canvas. Araman also has his own studio, that has won several awards in the UK, US and Australia. This professional has worked with the dominant names like Vogue, Harper Bazaar, Marie Claire, Swarovski, Cartier etc. His pictures are real pieces of art!

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