Top 29 Low Maintenance Haircuts for Guys

short haircuts easy to maintain

No bangs? No problem. If one-length looks are your thing, this tousled long bob is the perfect way to infuse movement, especially on fine hair that tends to fall flat. Spritz a generous amount of your favorite sea salt spray into your hands and scrunch it through the lengths of damp, just-washed hair, then let it air-dry for effortless texture.

This look is what would happen if the pretty, popular girl in every teen movie had a breakdown and chopped her long blonde ponytail off at the base with kitchen shears: The soft volume looks natural and luxurious and the front layers are face-framing in the best way, but the wispy ends and choppy layers give it an unmistakable coolness factor.

Where would the lob be now without Karlie Kloss, who coined “the Karlie” and launched a Taylor Swift-led army of imitators? Piecey ends, natural texture, feathery bangs, and a side part are the calling card of the Karlie, which is perfect for making the most out of fine hair that could use a bit of life.

The second-day texture on this chin-grazing bob is exactly what we all struggle to achieve when we get ready in the morning. Fake it on clean hair with R+Co Aircraft ($29), a hybrid pomade-mousse that combines the ease of mousse with the slightly tacky bodifying properties of pomade. Rub a dollop between your hands and run it through from root to tip for just the right amount of separation.

If all you’ve ever wanted is to channel Charlotte Gainsbourg, let this blunt, banged bob guide the way… to the 6th Arrondissement, of course. This kind of long, center-parted fringe is also a great approach to growing shorter bangs out gracefully—once you’re able to part them down the middle, they’ll look totally purposeful, and all you need to style them is a touch of strong-hold pomade to brush them off to each side.

Long layers, a deep side part, a blast of texturizing spray and some teasing at the crown: this party-ready style will bring you one step closer to mastering the art of sex appeal once and for all. It’s also further proof that, when made a part of your style, a healthy amount of frizz can be a very good thing.

Wispy late-90’s boy-band bangs are making a fashion-y comeback, and they never look better than they do when paired with a tousled bob. The shorter pieces on either side draw the eye to the cheekbones, and the longer neck-grazing layers allow for tons of movement.

A long, shoulder length bob is always a win in our book, especially if it involves a dramatic side part, but the mixed textures are what really makes this look worth obsessing over. After parting dry hair with your fingers or a rat tail comb, tuck it firmly behind your ears, then use a shiny, strong-hold gel like Oribe Rock Hard Gel ($39) to slick down the top of the hair, leaving the rest loose from the midlengths down.

Okay, so you will need a blowdryer for this one, but how else would you score that soft, glossy finish and perfect volume? Work a light-hold volumizing mousse and a dab of shine serum through your hair, then use a large round brush to create lift at the crown and curl ends inward.

If ever a low-maintenance hairstyle catering to fine, straight hair existed, it’s this one. Chopped to collarbone-length, with long layers that can easily be worn parted to the side or in the middle, you can wash, add a bit of styling cream, and go.

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