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22 Pretty Short Haircuts for WomenThere’s no doubt that short haircuts are at the cutting-edge of hair fashion, because they show-off all the latest cutting techniques. This season’s haircuts are full of interesting and pretty new ideas guaranteed to leave you looking trendy and fresh. As we know, other people gauge our age and personality type based on our fashion choices and hairstyle.

Edgy urban oatmeal-blonde – short straight pixie cut with bangs

Oat-blonde is a neutral fashion shade that’s perfect for anyone who needs to reduce the redness in their complexion. This straight cut on fine hair has sharply textured tips in a short-back-and-sides variation with an extra-long, side-swept fringe.22 Pretty Short Haircuts for Women Casually combed forwards from the crown creates texture and movement and I love the latest ‘no black roots’ trend!

Racy-red short textured haircut – red pixie cut with layers

And this image shows another popular hair color trend that will ‘warm-up’ pale skin tones and highlight an extrovert personality! It’s a little longer than the short cut above and shows how medium to thick hair can be styled to create rippled texture that adds volume and shape without curls!

Sassy steep-angled short bob in deep plum-red – short haircut for women over 50

Darker skin tones look wonderful framed by deep-red, like this fashionable maroon adding extra style to a high-fashion short style. It’s an asymmetric cut for medium to thick hair, with a voluminous stacked-back shown in profile.22 Pretty Short Haircuts for Women The uneven bottom edge of the longer side contrasts with the fabulous rounded back in this updated sixties look!

Amazing avant-garde blonde & gray – chic pixie cut with bangs

This modern pixie scores highly for sophisticated style and the unique new color design. Like most contemporary hairstyles, this is an asymmetric cut with different profiles and side-swept casual bangs. However, it’s also asymmetrical ‘front to back’ with a superb soft gray back and pretty blonde at the front!

22 Amazing Long Pixie Haircuts for Women - Simple Everyday Hairstyles 22 Amazing Long Pixie Haircuts for Women - Simple Everyday Hairstyles 22 Pretty Short Haircuts for Women 22 Pretty Short Haircuts for Women

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