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A man with a Burr Cut hairstyleWant to know which short hairstyles for men will keep your head cool for summer? Learn about the Burr Cut, Crew Cut, High and Tight, Mohawk and Fade hairstyles to keep you with a fresh head summer long!

Robie Van Persie with a Crew Cut haircut and hairstyle.As summer approaches, we all want to keep a cool head; and, as you will now, men with thick and/or curly hair fare the worst when it comes to keeping their manes, and therefore their heads, as cool as a cucumber, yours truly included. At Manly Curls, we are here to give you follicular solutions, and one of these solutions I want to offer to you today is how to avoid suffocation during summer as your waves, coils or kinks form a thick-a-liscious impenetrable barrier that heats up real quick and allows no air to cool your watermelon (i.e. head). Ergo, I want to give you now 5 short hairstyles for men that will help you keep cool during summer and also give you a very stylish set of locks.

Short hairstyles for men to keep your head cool during summer

Before I go into outlining the 5 short hairstyles that will keep your head cool, allow me to first say that a haircut and a hairstyle are 2 different creatures that are many times confused by average Joes. However, when it comes to short hairstyles, a haircut that leaves the hair short will also pass as a hairstyle because short hair, in most cases, cannot be styled or, if it is styled, it will be minimal; ergo, the way in which you get your haircut done will be how your hair will be looking for the many weeks ahead, and thus the haircut you get done will become your actual hairstyle. I’m saying this because, with short hairstyles, the line between haircuts and hairstyles can be trespassed, and I will be doing so below.

A male in the military with a High and Tight hairstyle. David Beckham with a Mohawk hairstyle

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