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Bob has proudly withstood testing with time and fashion. Being slightly upgraded each season, it does remain fashionable from year to year. These days a messy trend in hairstyles triggers certain changes in ever-classy bobs. They become edgier, shaggier and more texturized. Straight, wavy or curly shag bobs bring their own inimitable charm to the red carpet and city streets. What are they like, the trendiest shaggy bobs of nowadays? Let’s check…

See the images below and enjoy!

#1: Not Your Grandma’s Silver Top

This layered, wavy bob is so soft and touchable that wearing it is a mere pleasure! Finally, the fashion world has appreciated the beauty of silver hair, and now it’s a hot choice of young people from all over the world!

#2: “Now You See Me” Long Shaggy Bob

Long choppy layers in collar-bone cuts work wonderful for straight thick hair. They create a very flattering silhouette in the cut and look gorgeous in movement. This peek-a-boo is so alluring, but also warns us that its wear can be dangerous!

#3: Short Shaggy Blonde Bob

For the blonde in you, here’s a simple, straight, angled bob that will have everyone’s attention. Textured and professional, this is a look that you’d expect to see on a high powered woman. Sweep that long layered bang to the side overlapping the angled front piece for a chic twist.

#4: Two Toned Burgundy Shaggy Bob

This medium length burgundy bob is perfect for expressing the creative side of your personality. Get some jagged, shaggy layers, and then add the color, dispersing it throughout the hair. Allow the natural waves of your hair to help you see exactly where to apply it!

#5: Funky Shaggy Bob

The fun, short, shaggy bob will have everyone talking…guaranteed! Like something out of an anime or a fairy story, this violet and yellow style is one-of-a-kind, because it combines a choppy, edgy cut with a bold and unexpectedly cool hair color solution.

#6: Medium Brown Tousled Bob

The shades of her shiny locks are incredible. However, we’d attribute the success of the coloristic solution to the cut as well. The shaggy layers bring out her mane’s natural texture and the different shades.

#7: Blonde Shaggy Lob

There are many variations of the shaggy bob. Her blonde layered version is a different twist on the classic style. The uneven layers flow like delicate ribbons, each of them having a mind of its own.

#8: Brown Blonde Messy Bob

The effortless ‘do pairs perfectly with the easy hair color. Instead of high maintenance options, go for a lived in, natural dye job. These sandy blonde ombre highlights play up the soft shape.

#9: Shaggy Brunette Hairdo

Do you want to add some layers to your hair, so that your bob isn’t too perfect? Go for jagged ends enhanced by a slightly lighter hue. Wear your new bob tousled or throw in a few loose waves when you have some extra minutes for styling.

#10: Wavy Dirty Blonde Bob

Banish thoughts that bobs can only come to your chin. They can be longer or shorter. For thick hair, try a long shaggy bob. It will show off your full tresses but it will not feel as hot and cumbersome as a longer style.

#11: Brunette Bob with Disconnected Ends

The way you part your locks is just as important as the cut. This is because it can change the entire look. Her side part enhances the choppy layers and brings in asymmetry into the style. Furthermore, it helps to frame her face thanks to the longer side.

#12: Wispy Bob with Blunt Bangs

You can combine order and disruption in one look. Play with messy longer strands and neat, accurate bangs. A solid hair color draws attention to the texture and silhouette of the cut.

#13: Blonde Shaggy Bob

A quick glance at pictures from hair salons will tell you that well-blended highlight shades and well-placed layers are the markers of a good shaggy bob haircut. For fine hair, you can boost your locks further with a texturizing spray.

#14: Short Bob with Temple Undercut

A small undercut section adds an unexpected twist to the common short bob. When you first look at her hair, you don’t notice the buzzed temple at once, because it has been properly blended in with the rest of the playful bob.

#15: Shaggy ‘Do with Ombre Ends

Boost your shaggy hair with slightly lighter ends. This solution will also benefit those with locks that are on the thinner side because it will create a more voluminous ‘do. Use a curling iron to bring out the movement in your layers.

#16: Mid-Length Shaggy Bob

Shaggy bob hairstyles work for different hair types. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly. For those who fall into the last category, take inspiration from this warm purple lob. The layers allow your natural curls to be the focus.

#17: Tousled Shaggy Bob with Ombre

Some call it bedhead, others call it shaggy. Whatever you want to refer to it, just know that it is a good no-fuss hairdo. A few layers and a bit of styling cream will keep the look on the right side of effortless chic.

#18: Medium Shaggy Bob with Wispy Ends

Shags on thin hair look much softer, but charming unquestionably. Tousled hairstyles offer more body for your hair, and so do subtle balayage highlights. You may want to style this bob with a diffuser or skip brushing, apply some texturizing product and let your hair air dry.

#19: Graduated Bob with Feathered Finish

Before you dive right into a short shaggy bob, look at images of cropped haircuts for inspiration. You might not think to try a bob with thin razored layers that get longer towards the face, but when you see a photo of it, you’ll realize that maybe it’s worth a try.

#20: Honey Blonde Bob with Layers Throughout

Your perfect hairstyle works from all angles. You want something that is balanced all around your head. This short cut with chunky layers meets your requirements for a modern cut style. It’s also very easy to deal with on a daily basis. Use some sea salt spray to enhance your natural texture, and you’re done.

#21: Shaggy Bob with Defined Waves

A curling iron can be one of the best tools when you’re looking to create a flowing style. Go for big waves as opposed to smaller, tighter curls to keep a carefree vibe. Mist with hairspray to ensure they will keep their hold all day long.

#22: Side-Parted Wavy Bob

Bobs come in different shapes, lengths and finishes. You can customize them to create a ‘do of your choice. Her shaggy bob is a wise idea for those craving a chic style. The deep side part with swooping bangs and chunky waves create a modern style you’ll love to wear.

#23: Natural Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Make sure you choose a cut that doesn’t fight against your locks’ natural texture. Her mid-length bob with bangs brings out the spiral curl in her hair beautifully.

#24: Brown Blonde Textured Bob

Too many layers can be overwhelming when you are starting out with a one-length style. Ask your hairstylist to add a few layers to create a bit of movement, but ensure he/she blends them in with the rest of your hair. If you like the look, you can add more pieces at your next appointment.

#25: Messy Shaggy Hair with Angled Tips

Have you tried a shaggy bob in the past? Why not try another one with bangs, angled layers and ombre? Don’t worry if some layers are out of place, it is all part of the look.

#26: Dark Brown Dream Bob

This shoulder length look is another fabulous version of the shaggy bob. But it’s a little longer, and the bangs create a much more dramatic frame for the face. A bit of teasing around the top gives some great volume, and the ends are snipped to look carelessly disconnected.

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