27 Short Hairstyles for Women - How to Style Short Haircuts

Haircuts for short hair ladies

This method is especially helpful for people with short to medium hairstyles, since trying to verbalize thoughts to your stylist about “angles” could leave you with a haircut that makes you want to cry. Take a look at these accounts for beautiful, short haircuts in a variety of textures.

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Portugese captions might be indecipherable to many, but the photos dedicated to gorgeous pixie-style haircuts are understood by everyone.

  • If your dream hairstyle includes a short cut and hair so blonde it's nearly white, the @sarahb.h account is a must-follow. We love the bold statement she makes with her tresses, as well as her videos on how to achieve a tousled pixie.

Tag your own haircut with the hashtag #shorthairstyle for a chance to be featured on this account, which aggregates some of the prettiest bobs, lobs and short cuts on social media.

"Cabelo curto" in Portugese translates to "short hair." Follow along for edgy, classic and creative short hairstyles.

  • Heather Austrie's Instagram account blows us away with her brilliant ideas for styling short hair. Austrie proves a little bit of hair goes quite a long way! And don't worry, she shares her secrets with frequent tutorials.

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Tutorials and videos of hairstylists razoring off excess hair into cute, short cuts are frequently posted on the @shorthair Instagram account. To this end, we say take what you like and leave the rest to the hairdresser (grabbing the scissors ourselves has always ended in disaster!).
  • The @short_haircuts Instagram account has a good mission: Provide inspiration to its followers and provide a platform for its followers to show off their great cut. Tag @short_haircuts for a chance to be featured on the account.

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