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Glenn Close. from left: Steven Lovekin and Jason Merritt for Getty

After being on this earth for the past 60 years, you probably have some idea of what hairstyles look best on you and which ones make you the most comfortable. Don't let outdated beauty rules dictate how you should wear your hair. The truth is you will look most beautiful in a hair cut and color you're comfortable with.

Two things to consider when choosing a hairstyle: your face shape and your hair texture. There are some hairstyles that will better suit both your face and your hair texture, whether it's coarse, frizzy, wavy, straight or thin.

In this gallery of hairstyles on women over age 60, I'll point out why these haircuts work on these women and what you should consider when choosing your own styles and colors.

Glenn Close (born March 19, 1947) wears her hair a few inches below her chin, which is super flattering on almost all women. This cut works for her because her hair is naturally thick and wavy, responds well to curl (which adds body) and doesn't fall limp like mine does when styled this way (eek!).

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Barbara Hershey. Alberto E. Rodriguez for Getty

Can you believe Barbara Hershey (born February 5, 1948) is in her 60s? If you showed me this picture and had me guess how old Hershey is, I'd guess 35. This photo is proof that women in their 60s can wear their hair long as long as it suits their face shape and their hair texture.

Long hair is great on square, round and heart-shaped faces, but isn't as flattering on women with long faces because it can make the face appear even longer. Learn more about face shapes in The Most Flattering Styles By Face Shape.

As for hair texture, the thicker and more coarse your hair is, the longer you can wear it. If you have thin hair that tends to fall limp or flat, you will look better with shorter hair. Learn more about hair texture in 10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Hair Texture .

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Ellen Barkin. Donna Ward for Getty

Here, Ellen Barkin (born April 16, 1954) wears a wavy shoulder-length bob that's so trendy right now among women decades younger than her. But it works on her fine hair.

Yes, you can wear your hair longer even as an older woman. It's a myth you have to cut your hair short after age 50 (or whatever number you may have in your head).

Maria Shriver. JB Lacroix for Getty

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